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The Premiere Issue of Vivid Magazine was released as the Official Publication of MogulCon 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. As the magazine for visionaries, Vivid is an entrepreneur lifestyle platform to help you get vision for every area of life. Purchase a single issue here, or subscribe.





Guide to MogulCon

Introducing Vivid Brands

Celebrating One Year of #REALResults


BUSINESS | Mogul Felicia Phillips on her first six figures, and what she has learned along the way to share wit other women–especially the lessons of a recent near-death experience

VIVID TALK™ RADIO GUIDE | A weekly coaching conversation with visionary guests to help you get vision for every area of life

PROFILE | Skin Care Chef Yolanda Adams pulled a “Dave Chappelle” and declined an offer from Macy’s on a matter of integrity


GIFTS | Set yourself up for success, and get along with anyone. There are many tools to help you gain insight into your personality, your strengths, and your instinctive responses and everyone else’s.

DESIGN | Lifestyle Coach Katherine Jordan lets us in on the story behind her growing design empire and provides some tips for your space

PURPOSE | Photographer Ron Witherspoon picked up a camera and found his purpose early in life.

STYLE | Fashion blogger Abisola Ikegwuonu delights with her sense of style as she navigates the world with her global perspective


CONTENT | Illustrator & Comic Book Artist Marcus Williams is changing the world with his art, teaching history with “Tuskegee Heirs”, and inspiring kids with his own unique content

PUBLISHING | Author Sonny Hill is finding her way in Christian Romance

POETRY | Poet Gwendolyn Faye is using her words to start a #caringrevolution


TECHNOLOGY | Natasha Cozart gives us 5 secrets to leveraging the power of reality  marketing for strategic growth

LEARNING | Coming 2018 Vivid Content Lab, Learning for Life, online courses that will make you an expert at creating and promoting your content, writing your vision, nurturing relationships, and more

COLLABORATION | Connector Monique Wilson reveals the secret to developing passion and profitable relationships


TRAINING | Executive Director Rachel Davis shares her vision for the #next20 years as The Edge celebrates its 20th Anniversary of training Georgia’s entrepreneurs in 2018


VIVID TALK: A Letter From the Editor


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