Contribution Guidelines

Vivid Magazine is an entrepreneurial lifestyle publication that uses the proprietary V.I.V.I.D.™ Model for growth and development by Editor-in-Chief, Host, & Better Life Coach, Gwen Witherspoon, to inspire and empower visionaries to dream bigger, take action, and change lives, starting with their own. Vivid Magazine accepts articles, blog posts, photos, video, and illustrations from non-staff writers, photographers and illustrators.

Our Priorities:

The Entrepreneur Lifestyle – It is a well-documented fact that entrepreneurs who have tried and failed are more likely to be successful than those who are just starting. Traditional business magazines focus primarily on the how-to or success stories. Vivid Magazine will deal with the inevitability of failure and the lessons to be learned on the entrepreneur’s journey. We are providing content for visionaries with an aspirational desire to succeed in life and business.

Branding – The publisher of Vivid Magazine and producer of Vivid Brands as a whole, Adam Red, is a branding agency defined by the origins of identity: who you are, what you’re made of, and the work you’ve been given. They are strategic partners with a core business strategy to position entrepreneurs for growth, and they bring their combined 75 years of experience as individual business owners of mostly “failed” startups to Vivid Magazine‘s editorial vision and operations.

Positioning – Vivid Brands focus on the B2B sector and fill the gap between startup and success left by other business publications. We cover business startup, ownership, and growth as a lifestyle.

Five reasons:

  1. Rise in entrepreneurship in general (550,000 start businesses each month)
  2. Rise in women-owned firms
  3. Rise in college/graduate student entrepreneurship (Huffington Post)
  4. Rise in black women-owned enterprises
  5. The changing landscape of the current jobs market (Christian Science Monitor)

According to the Kauffman Foundation, entrepreneurship is on the rise in the United States. A decline that began in 2010 ended in 2015 with a 10% increase in new entrepreneurs. With it comes a rise in entrepreneurial thinking. “Bringing new products to market has a lot in common with starting an entrepreneurial venture. Both processes have high levels of risk, are characterized by ambiguous development paths and have high failure rates.” (Marketing News) “Over the last 15 years, women-owned firms have grown by 1.5 times the rate of other small enterprises.”

Vision for Every Area of Life

Vivid Magazine is a truly interactive, multi-platform publication that seamlessly integrates the best of traditional and digital media and leverages technology to engage visionary entrepreneurs. Content is delivered in print and digital subscriptions, online at,, and, and in social media to an engaged, motivated audience of visionaries. Its key point of differentiation is that that content is then brought to life in Vivid TalkLIVE, a live-streaming video show and podcast to respond to subscriber questions and issues for a virtual coaching conversation.

Content to Bridge the Wisdom Gap

Vivid Magazine is available in online, digital, and print versions. We prioritize content in the following categories:

Each phase of the V.I.V.I.D.Model serves as a Feature Section. Our features include long feature-length stories, articles, and interviews. Word length ranges from 500-1500. Interviews should consist of an introduction to the subject followed by a Q&A-style interview.

VISION – Life • Family • Business • Faith • Community

IDENTITY – Style • Gifts • Branding • Design • Purpose

VOICE – Opinion • Motivation • Publishing • Poetry • Content

INFORMATION – Technology • Resources • Learning • Collaboration • Insights

DEVELOPMENT – Training • Capacity • Productivity • Health • Money


Vivid Magazine publishes profiles of visionaries from every industry: music, art, entertainment, fashion, ministry, literature, politics, youth, health, technology, community, philanthropy, agriculture, and more. Being an entrepreneur does not necessarily make you a visionary, but vision is necessary for every entrepreneur. Knowing what you want is simple. Knowing how is another issue. And we believe we can glean from stellar examples for incremental growth that fills the wisdom gaps that we all have.

Criteria for Evaluation

Here are the five qualities we look for when evaluating what to publish:

  1. Experience: Our Contributors do not have to be established writers. They do need to be credible sources for the information they provide. Are you a visionary? Surrounded by visionaries? Been a student of vision? Then, you will understand our plight.
  2. Credentials: It could be street cred or otherwise, but we have to believe you, and our audience does too. Relevant external links, statistics, real news, original infographics–they all go a long way.
  3. Awareness: Knowing who you are, what you have to offer, and fearlessly being describes our audience, so if we can see that you get it, that is the ticket.
  4. Actionable: Specific takeaways is what we’re after for visionaries. Since our audience is not the type to sit on the couch, they need real-world, get-it-done, press-through-obstacles, breakthrough kind of content.
  5. Inspirational: Vision is the secret sauce that gives entrepreneurs the ability to weather any storm–and there will be many. So, we are interested in content that provides a healthy shot of inspiration.

Our Process

  • Review your application (we may request additional information)
  • Check your links and samples
  • Notify you of our decision
  • If selected, we will provide you with login credentials
  • Content must be submitted online with SEO title, meta description, keywords, feature images and relevant post images
  • Review and edit as appropriate
  • Provide you with social media kit for promotion in your networks
  • Aggressively promote your content across multiple platforms

We Are Not Interested In…

Standard business stories–the best, the greatest, the leading. The exception is providing the back story to the public declaration. Event announcements, unless the event is for and by visionaries. Social commentaries–except for when vision is demonstrated in the solution.


The Contributor position at Vivid Brands is considered a partnership in trade. We provide Contributors with a platform to distribute their point of view, branding support, promotion, a social media kit with graphics, suggested post content, tags, and hashtags, and discounted professional services where needed (photography, copywriting, styling, etc.).

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